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PartNerds offers multiple manufacturing processes to expedite your prototyping or light volume needs. We specialize in prototyping through 3-D printing and 2-D cutting and can grow with you through our light volume manufacturing capabilities. Our internal engineering services can be inserted into your project at any phase to ensure your project continues to run as smoothly as possible.



We help you navigate the intricacies of the prototyping process to bring your design to life. We integrate our manufacturing capabilities and experience with your product requirements to ensure the most effective methods are used to make your parts and assemblies.

Cast Urethane Injection Molding


Our in house cast urethane processes can produce excellent production-looking prototype or production parts. With cast urethane, we can provide a wide range of materials with differering material, strength, and finishing properties that may not be achievable with 3D printing.

CNC Plasma Cutting


From large sheets to stacks of small parts we can accommodate steel, aluminum, brass, and other metals up to 5/8” thick with computer-controlled accuracy as fine as 0.005” Plasma cutting is a fast and repeatable process that results in cost-effective prototyping and moderate volume production manufacturing.

CNC Engraving


Our engraving capabilities enable us to put your logo and information just about anywhere. From custom front panels to ski and snowboard wax scrapers to beautiful wood signs to hang in your home or office, we can handle your engraving needs.

Manufacturing Outsourcing


For the instances when your part requirements fall outside the range of our equipment, we have developed a list of qualified suppliers to create a seamless manufacturing experience.  All of these suppliers have proven themselves to be reliable sources for affordable, high-quality results. We never outsource without our customers’ approval first.

3D Printing


Between our in-house printers and our partners, we can provide fast quality prints using state of the art machines, processes and materials. We offer FDM, SLS, SLA, and binder jet services with material options such as PLA, ABS, wood, nylon, bronze, and stainless steel to accommodate almost any project and size.

3D Scanning - Coming Soon


3D Scanning can be very useful if you have a part you’re trying to replicate but don’t already have a CAD file. Our in house 3D scanner can scan parts up to 8”x8”x7” making it easy to replicate and modify an existing part for your project.

CNC Routing


When accuracy of part dimensions is of the utmost importance, our CNC routing capability might be the best option.  Available on wood, plastics, and softer metals such as aluminum, routing eliminates the kerf angles that are present with other rapid manufacturing options and also allows shoulders or reliefs to be built into the parts.

Engineering Support


We offer mechanical engineering support for all aspects of product design and manufacturing.  Services that we provide span a wide range and include part design, static and dynamic structural analysis, design reviews, DFx, material selection, and more. If you have an engineering need, ask about our extensive in-house capabilities.



Our welding and bending capabilities ensure that we are a one-stop shop for turning raw materials into your usable parts.  When you need panels, enclosures, or welded assemblies, we can quickly turn your drawings or CAD models into deliverable hardware.

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